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Soil Requirements

The biggest killers of lavenders are root-rotting diseases - humidity and wet soils. This is especially true for the English lavenders and the lavandins.

The best soil for growing lavender is gritty or sandy loam with a pH factor between 6.0 and 8.0. In France, lavender grows naturally in well drained limestone and stony ground. However, light, well drained soils are generally quite suitable for lavender growing.
For heavier or more clay-based soils try growing lavender in mounds or raised beds and incorporate crushed granite like chicken grit into the top 12” of the soil.

Add plenty of organic matter to promote soil aeration. Lime will also need to be added to increase the pH level of clay soils and make them more friable (crumbly). Lavender will tolerate “wet feet” after a heavy rain for a short time providing the ground is free-draining, ultimately leading to fast water removal.

Growing lavenders in fast-draining raised beds is another workable option.

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